Aaron Boone answers Yankees fans' questions

The 33rd manager in franchise history was officially introduced on Wednesday

Aaron Boone took the podium alongside front office personnel Wednesday at noon for his introductory press conference as the new manager of the New York Yankees, to answer questions from the media and discuss his future plans for the club.

Following the ceremony, he participated in an AMA session (ask-me-anything) fielding more questions from Yankees fans on social media, as they began to pick the brain of the team's new skipper about a wide range of topics including 'Is a hot dog a sandwich?' to 'What emoji will Didi Gregorius use after wins for his new manager?'

Boone -- who said during the press conference that, "The one thing I know, and have lived, and am, is baseball" -- comes from a long line of ballplayers, which helped to cement Brian Cashman's decision to recommend him as Joe Girardi's successor.

Check out the questions Boone answered via social media in the posts below, and stay tuned to YES Network for more news and updates as the offseason continues.


1) Is a hot dog a sandwich?

2) Who was the toughest pitcher you ever faced?

3) What is your favorite Yankees memory, other than the 2003 home run?

4) Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie?

5) What was your reaction to getting the job?

6) Do you like pineapples on your pizza?

7) What emoji will Didi Gregorius tweet about you?

8) Are you excited for the new "Star Wars" movie?

9) Will you participate in "The Toe-Night Show" home run celebration?