Yankees Injury Update: Aaron Judge behind schedule, Gary Sanchez progressing in Tampa

NEW YORK - Thursday marks exactly two weeks since Aaron Judge suffered a chip fracture in his right wrist, meaning that next Thursday would be the end of the three-week timeline the Yankees initially (and perhaps optimistically) set as his approximate timeline for a return to game action of some sort.

Judge ran the bases at Yankee Stadium prior to their series opener against Texas, but he has yet to begin swinging a bat, so it looks like that three-week timeline won't come to fruition.

"He's continuing with range of motion, which continues to improve, but he's still feeling a little bit of pain at the end of that range here," Boone explained, using his own right wrist as a visual aid. "He's not picking up a bat yet, but we're hoping he's going to get to that point soon, and we should have a better update after he sees the doctor tonight."

According to Boone, though, Judge might not be too far behind schedule when all is said and done.

"I don't (think the timeline is too long), because for us, it's go time once the pain's out of there, and I believe it will move fast from there," the skipper said. "He's been able to lift and do all of his conditioning otherwise, so we just have to get to the point where the pain is gone at the end range of motion. Then he gets a bat in his hand, and I think it progresses pretty quickly from there."

The skipper also didn't have an exact timeline on catcher Gary Sanchez, but did have a very optimistic update on the backstop's progress.

"He's doing well, and I think he's scheduled to run on the field (today)," Boone said. "He's been doing the altered-G running with no issues, and doing tee and toss and throwing, as well."

Sanchez has indeed been running on the limited-gravity treadmills at the Yankees' Player Development Complex in Tampa with no reported setbacks. He's scheduled to stay in Tampa through Sunday - simply because it's "a better work day" for Sanchez down there because the Yankees have a pair of afternoon games this weekend - but will likely rejoin the team in New York on Monday.

"Hopefully on Monday, he'll start getting out on the field with us, moving around and doing his catching stuff," Boone said, "and start to take off from there."