Red Sox reportedly receive nearly $12 million luxury tax bill

Yankees avoid tax for first time in 15 years

The World Series champion Boston Red Sox owe nearly $12 million in luxury tax for having baseball's biggest payroll in 2018, according to a published report Saturday.

Final calculations by the commissioner's office set Boston's tax bill at $11,951,091, with the Washington Nationals being the only other team that owes money at $2,386,097, per The Associated Press.

Because Boston's payroll of $239.5 million exceeded Major League Baseball's $197 million threshold by more than $40 million, the Red Sox will also be penalized in the amateur draft next June.

Boston's top selection will be dropped 10 places from its original projection of No. 33 overall, under a new penalty put in place for the 2018 season.

The Nationals had a final payroll of $205 million, the second straight year they have exceeded the tax threshold.

The San Francisco Giants had the third-highest payroll at $195.7 million, followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers ($195 million) and the Chicago Cubs ($193.3 million).

The New York Yankees were sixth at $192.98 million, snapping a streak of 15 consecutive years finishing over the threshold.